Sleep Apnea Treatment – Ottawa, ON

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Again

You’re going to bed at a reasonable time each night, but you still always feel tired during the day. It may be because you have a common sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. The disorder can be dangerous if ignored, so we recommend having it treated as quickly as you can. Reach out to Smyth Dental Centre in Ottawa today to see what we can do to help you breathe comfortably at night and start enjoying truly restful sleep again.

Why Choose Smyth Dental Centre for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

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What is Sleep Apnea?

You have sleep apnea if you repeatedly experience 10-second or longer pauses in your breathing while you’re asleep. There are different kinds of sleep apnea, but the most common is OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), which is caused by a blocked airway. Whenever breathing stops, your brain will force your body to awaken in an effort to get more oxygen. As a result, you may be constantly waking up throughout the night, although you might not even know it.

What’s the Problem?

There are several possible reasons why your airflow might be getting cut off. Risk factors include the size of your airway, the position of your tongue when you sleep, and the swelling of certain tissues.

The lack of sleep can make you feel very drowsy during the day, and it might also cause you to feel irritable or experience mood swings. You may find that you have trouble concentrating, and you could have a higher chance of getting into an accident while driving. There are also several health risks to consider like elevated blood pressure and heart problems.

Non-Surgical Sleep Apnea Therapies

You may be familiar with the CPAP machines that are used to treat sleep apnea. If you’re unable to commit to CPAP therapy due to discomfort, you may want to consider a dental appliance instead. A personalized appliance can help keep the airway clear by moving the lower jawbone slightly forward. In many cases, a dental appliance can be a more effective solution for sleep apnea than surgery, and there are very few risks associated with the treatment.

Sleep apnea is thought to be widely underdiagnosed, so it pays to be aware of the warning signs. If your partner tells you that you frequently stop breathing while you’re asleep, or if you’ve noticed that you feel unusually sleepy throughout the day, give our office a call. We may be able to help you get better rest at night with a customized sleep apnea device.