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Root Canals

Saving Teeth from Extraction

Root canal treatment is necessary when the inside of the tooth becomes infected. This is usually due to a large cavity or injury. The pulp (the tooth’s inner chamber) fills with bacteria, causing painful pressure and toothaches. A root canal is a procedure in which our doctors remove the diseased pulp, clean out the inside of the tooth, and seal the tooth to prevent further infection.

If a diseased tooth is left untreated, the bacteria will penetrate the nerve, and the tooth will die. The only solution then, is to extract the tooth and replace it with a prosthetic, potentially a much longer and more expensive procedure.

We want your natural teeth to last you as long as possible, which is why we perform most root canals at our Ottawa dental office. With modern tools and sedation options, root canal therapy can be comfortably performed in a single office visit. Many patients even fall asleep while receiving treatment!

If you have a toothache or think you might need root canal therapy, call Smyth Dental Centre before it’s too late. We provide comprehensive care to residents of Ottawa, Gatineau, Central Ottawa, and Ottawa-East.

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