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6 Myths About Porcelain Veneers

1) “I Can Always Tell When Someone Has Them”- This is certainly true of the veneers of yesteryear. In the hands of an experienced clinician and with the improved technology, the porcelain is so natural and life-like, it is virtually undetectable. Formerly the veneers were very thick and opaque in appearance. The best compliment you can get after having veneers is that you have a great smile, as opposed to someone saying “those are great veneers”

2)-“ You Have To Cut My Whole Tooth Down To Do It’’- This is an exaggeration of the truth. Teeth have to have some form of reshaping in order to recreate a natural look. The last thing you want is a bulky, thick, chick-lit look because the doctor wanted to conserve tooth structure. A master lab technician can make a veneer as thin as .2mm (2 tenths). This is contact lens thin, and is sometimes referred to as minimal prep or “prep-less” veneers.

3) “They Are Painful, and Cause Sensitivity”- During the procedure, the patient is anesthetized, so there is no sensation at any point. The sensitivity is usually during the time you are wearing the temporary veneers while the permanent ones are being made. Once the veneers are bonded on to the teeth, the sensitivity is completely eliminated.

4) "I Don’t Want Them Blazing White”- They can be made any color you want them to be. I usually assist the patient in choosing a final color, depending on what they want. The veneers can be brilliantly white, or on the other end just a natural, healthy color. It’s always up o he patient, since they are custom made.

5) "I’m not in Hollywood, So I don’t Need Them.”- Studies show that a smile is one of the first thing people notice when they meet you. It is in the center of your face for all to see. You cannot hide it. Unfortunately, people do judge on appearance , and it is our obligation to present as best as we can, whether it is for personal reasons, or in our professional lives. Particularly for those that are in the public eye, like those that do public speaking, sales, or deal with the public. An unattractive smile is hard not to notice, and often gives the illusion of a dirty or unkempt look. That is certainly the last thing we want to be perceived as. So, do you really think it is just for “Hollywood “ people?

6) “I Can’t Afford Them”- Unfortunately for some people, this is true. The good news is that there are different financial options, including extended payments. That can make it much more feasible for some. It may be as low as $200/month.

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