Advanced Dental Technology – Ottawa, ON

Modern Solutions Used for Better Accuracy

Whether it is using digital impressions, intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, or a soft tissue laser, our team’s commitment to advanced dental technology is evident. Patients who seek high-quality dental care from our expert dentists can expect improved accuracy and precision thanks to these innovative techniques. Offering greater comfort and smoother processes for both our team and our patients, we know families appreciate this commitment to delivering more personalized, conservative, and pleasant treatment.

Digital Impressions

With our digital impression system, patients can avoid cold dental putty that frequently triggered gag reflexes and caused uncomfortable messes. Instead, this updated piece of technology scans the mouth to create a 3D model that is used by lab technicians to craft customized restorations. Whether it is dental crowns, veneers, dental bridges, or other similar creations, our digital impression system creates a more comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Soft Tissue Laser

Traditional scalpels and sutures are still used by many dentists today; however, our team at Smyth Dental Centre is pleased to incorporate a more patient-friendly option – the Picasso Lite + soft tissue laser. With a precise, concentrated beam of light, soft oral tissues can be removed or treated to improve a person’s oral health and overall aesthetics. And because it cauterizes while it cuts, there is minimal bleeding and swelling. Also, patients can avoid prolonged recoveries because of how this device sterilizes the area to prevent a possible infection.

Intraoral Cameras

Using a camera-tipped, handheld scanner, our intraoral cameras allow for greater visibility inside a patient’s mouth. Not only can our team better identify any signs of cavities or other problem areas, but individuals can also become better informed about what is happening inside their mouths. Instead of waiting for a dentist to explain, patients can see for themselves why optimal oral hygiene is necessary as well as how certain treatments are required to avoid more serious symptoms.

Digital X-Rays

Capable of capturing images in seconds, producing high-resolution imaging, and allowing for easier retrieval in the future, digital X-rays are becoming more and more popular among dental professionals. Unlike their traditional counterparts that took up much of a patient’s appointment to develop, these new radiographs offer greater efficiency, safety (less radiation), comfort, and accuracy when it comes to treatment planning and creating a more positive patient experience.