All-On-4™ Dental Implants – Ottawa, ON

Restoring Your Smile with Strategically Placed Dental Implants

For patients who are missing a significant number of teeth, even simple activities like speaking and eating can be a struggle. Dentures are available, but they can be bulky, loose, and unstable, often making them more trouble than they’re worth. While you can’t turn back the clock on your smile, the next best thing you can do is restore it with the All-On-4 procedure! All-On-4 combines the staying power and valuable oral health benefits of dental implants with a sturdy and lifelike dental bridge in order to complete your smile in a way that looks and feels completely natural.

How Does the All-On-4 Process Work?

First, four dental implants are carefully and precisely placed in strategic areas within the arch of the teeth being replaced. In most cases, a temporary denture is provided for you to wear the very same day as the surgery, ensuring that you never have to be completely without teeth. After a short healing period has passed, you can have the final restoration placed. You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to eat, smile, and simply enjoy life with your new prosthetic teeth!

Advantages of choosing All-On-4 include:

  • Reduced need for bone grafting – While traditional dental implants sometimes require a tedious bone grafting procedure to create a strong foundation for their placement, All-On-4 implants are tilted, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Less cost – Because you’re only receiving four implants, the overall price of the treatment is lower.
  • Faster treatment and healing time – We can attach a replacement immediately to your new implants following surgery.